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Product Description:
· Direct fire inside and outside, to ensure 25cm heating area
· 240° wide adjustment, Alloy metal knob
· Brass burner cap
· X-type burner + gilded decorative spiral ladder fire cover
· Pan support Enermel Steel
· The ignition pin covers with copper shell
  • Features & Performance
  • Product Parameters

Yunying Package
Uniform fire for flame accumulation to create stove delicacies

Macro J2 double extreme fire gas stove.

Newly upgraded uniform fire
flame accumulation burning system
Cooking skill stove at new heights

The newly upgraded uniform flame gathering burner features
an inner ring that heats up at a rapid rate of direct fire,
an outer ring that rotates and stabilizes the flame,
and an outer ring that stabilizes the flame at a faster rate of direct fire.
The three ring firepower complement
each other to ensure a delicious taste.

5.2kW surging fire power
Cook as you like
with delicacies coming
out of quick fry

Great fire power increases cooking and frying speed.
Delicious food comes out all of a sudden
to demonstrate cooking skill in a small space.

240°wide frequency
fire regulation.
Gentle heat for cooking
freshness and great heat
for cooking spices

0.4-5.2kW accurate tuning to meet the professional needs of
different fire conditions making firepower adjustment
more detailed and easy to reach the target fire conditions.

Expanding space
Bilateral cooking without limitation

450mm ultra wide furnace core distance,while accommodating larger utensils.
900mm cooking space enough to hold allthe passion for food.

Rapid ignition
Cooking delicacies without waiting

Automatic pulse ignition technology, fast and stable ignition,
instant ignition, with no need for long pressing and waiting.

Multi-dimension protection free from worry

Cooking at will and protection with consideration.

Energy efficiency
Heat load
Fire Cover Material
Type of fire
Burner structure
Pan Support Material
Thermocouple flameout protection
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Product Size
Cut off size
Package size
tempered glass
swirl fire
flat steel