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Product Description:
Patented oil washing technology ,wifi control.
· Patented oil washing technology with bottle supper bubble cleanser;
· AI intelligent DC motor;
· 4-stage supercharging system ;
· wifi control;
· Smart linkage of gas hob and hood;
· hand gesture control;
· Reminder when the oil cup is full.
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Simplified and smart
Top clean kitchen

Macro Perfect Pro Package

Simplified and smart
Top clean kitchen

Macro Perfect Pro Package

Limit powerful absorption Smart cleaning

Ultra-thin low absorption range hood W8.

Innovation Pro just as its name,
Craftsmanship leads the trend

Performance and quality has been upgraded once again,
Dealing calmly with various challenges in smoke purification.

Well-distributed thinness 8cm top thin body

The craftsman takes Aurora Silver as the basic tone to create a slim body, reshaping the charm of
space without touching the head in close proximity, with a wide view and showcasing culinary skills to the fullest.

Supper forming oil wash
started by one key only
Keeping constant and
persistent absorption force

It is started by one key only, and there is no need to add water,
no additional tools, active foam melt oil,and you can enjoy lasting power.

AI variable frequency constant suction*
It deals with the resistance in each floor’s flue in a smart manner

BLDC brushless DC variable frequency motor ensures effective smoke discharge motive force in a real-time manner
by means of FOC smart algorithm based on the absorbed and discharged air flow automatically fitting each floor.

Macro's powerful technology
Smoke discharge at peaks seems
to have the green light on

Pressure boost at Level 4 by powerful technology,
and multiple pressurization growth rate.
Open up smoke exhaust channels
to ensure smooth flow without reverse flow.

HarmonyOS smart link,
Instant start of the range hood without necessary downloading

The mobile phone is provided with HarmonyOS, which allows for quick networking with just a touch of an NFC label,
without the need to download any App, which avoids cumbersome tasks and makes smart life even easier.

Smoke stove interconnection and constant absorption
Clean and fresh kitchen without necessary manual operation

The stove is ignited, and the range hood automatically turns on AI constant absorption. There is no need to manually clear smoke,
and the “automatic driving” mode is activated throughout the entire process. After fire is turned off,
a delay by 90 seconds is allowed to automatically clear and exhaust the remaining smoke.

Smart smoke control
by wave of hands only
Without disturbing
the cooking rhythm

Waving of hand in air, and elegant smoke clearance
with zero touch The range hood will remain no oil dirt,
or hand prints for elegant cooking without hurry or confusion.

49dB* silent running
Preparing breakfast without
disturbing early morning sleep
of family members

Multiple group noise reduction design keeps away
from the hustle of cooking; and the kitchen no longer roars,
so you can enjoy an immersive cooking experience.

Nominal air volume m³/h
Max.air volume m³/h
Noise (dB)
Main material
Number of Power level
Control Type
Chimney pipe diameter(mm)
Length of chimney pipe(Meter)
Motor input power(W)
Net weight(kg)
Gross weight(kg)
Package size(mm)
Galvanized sheet+ cold plate spraying
Three speed + Cruise control
Touch Control,hand gestures
  • W8 vedio for supreme pro set-artistic conception