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Product Description:
Stainless steel Hood with hand gesture control
· 19m³/min stir-fry with large suction
· Smart cleaning and long-lasting suction
· Smart control by hand gestures
  • Features & Performance
  • Product Parameters

Clean with your hand waving only
and no oil smoke will appear on your face

Macro rang hood CXW-300-CT2.

Say good-bye to oil smoke
With hand waving only

Hand waving in air can discharge smoke very easily.
If you forget to turn on the range hood after quick frying,
you will not act with confusion, and you can also take it easy.

Great wind absorption
force in quick frying

Oily smoke can be absorbed away after it just rises.

No smoke jam, no reverse
flow 430Pa forced
dischargeof oil fume

With a strong static pressure at 430Pa, the air pressure
breaks through the high-pressure
public flue allowing for smooth smoke exhaust
even during peak cooking hours without
worrying about the reverse flow of oil fumes.

One-click auto cleaning
Lasting big suction force

For long, a large amount of grease accumulates
on the internal fan of the range hood
ausing the suction to become weaker.
Macro cleans with one click, and high-speed
centrifugal force quickly removes oil
stains extending the service life of the range hood,
which helps save worry and effort.

Wide range deep cavity smoke collection
3D surround collection with 0 escape

With the European style structure at a width of 895mm, the concave center smoke suction port deepens the smoke chamber to
achieve deep three-dimensional smoke collection. The oil fume is closer to the air duct,
which results in better suction and exhaust effects, and the cabinet will no longer be greasy.

Nominal air volume m³/h
Max.air volume m³/h
Noise (dB)
Main material
Number of Power level
Control Type
Chimney pipe diameter(mm)
Length of chimney pipe(Meter)
Motor input power(W)
Net weight(kg)
Gross weight(kg)
Package size(mm)
Stainless steel
Two speed + stir fry
Touch Control,hand gestures