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Product Description:
· High wind pressure of 480Pa
· Nano treatment impeller, smart self-cleaning
· Dual-track smoke control system
· Smart control by hand gestures
· Reminder when the oil cup is full
· 85°suction angle for clean exhaust
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Stir frying wind 2.0,
Comprehensive upgrade of smoke purification experience

Macro range hood CXW-320-L3.3 (Z).

22m³ great suction Refuse incoming oil fume

One-click stir frying wind, 22m³ strong air volume instantly outputs,
even the thick oil fumes of Sichuan cuisine can be easily
sucked out without leaving any residual smoke allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of cooking.

480Pa powerful air pressure
Peak smoke discharge without
reverse flow

The strong wind pressure breaks through the high-pressure public flue,
allowing for smooth smoke exhaust even during peak cooking
hours without worrying about the reverse flow of oil fumes.

Double track smoke control system
Right and left accurate smoke control

Dual track smoke control system, double-wind smoke and oil network,
planning the golden path for smoking,vertical smoking without turning;
close the smoke distribution screen, evenly distribute the
negative pressure to the left and right,
capture each wisp of oil smoke,
and accurately capture oil smoke from the left
and right sides when both stoves are turned on.

Smart rotating storm wash,
Free from dismantlement for cleaning and auto cleaning

Using the smart algorithms, the range hood can run a program automatically for up to 10 hours of use.
By using the centrifugal force generated by ultra-high rotational speed,it can clean the grease attached to the wind wheel,
truly freeing your hands and saying goodbye to the troubles of greasy cleaning.

85°smoke collection,
Covering the incoming oil fume

The electric opening and closing of the sky curtain cloud
panel covers the rapidly rising oil smoke at an angle of 85°,
which protects you from the trouble of oil fume
splashing on your face and cooking in a clean manner;
cut the gold diagonally from left to right,
turning the tip into softness to avoid bumps and bruises.

Smart smoke control by gestures,
No smoke is made easily
by wave of hand only

Provided with a gesture control system, there is
no need for you to touch the panel,
and can control the smoke machine switch
with a gentle wave of the hand.
The air volume is easy and convenient.

Nominal air volume m³/h
Max.air volume m³/h
Noise (dB)
Main material
Number of Power level
Control Type
Chimney pipe diameter(mm)
Length of chimney pipe(Meter)
Motor input power(W)
Net weight(kg)
Gross weight(kg)
Package size(mm)
Tempered glass + cold plate spraying
Two speed + stir fry
Touch Control,hand gestures control
  • Range hood L3.3S(Z) user manual