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Product Description:
· Brass burner cap
· Enermel Steel Pan support
· Flame failure safety device
· Automatic Gas Ignition
· Flame Stabilizing Concentrator pan support
· 0-180min. timing
· 240° wide adjustment Knob
  • Features & Performance
  • Product Parameters

Surging high energy extreme fire
Igniting the moment of delicacies

Freshness locking for generating spicy to achieve chef cooking V2S.

Disrupting energy conservation imagination
Thermal efficiency up to 70%

Super first level energy efficiency standard at 7%, with all heat on to save gas as well.

Innovating 4-in-1 pot holder
Energy gathering great heat
for stabilization and efficiency

Integrating energy accumulation, heat insulation, wind
resistance, and liquid storage to create
a more comfortable cooking environment.

Upgrading the burner system
Cooking at ease
with full stabilization of heat

Several processes upgrading to build the kitchen at ease.

180min smart timing
Easy to cook, no need to wait

Smart chip control, and turn off fire on time.
Enjoy the dual happiness of food and entertainment with peace of mind.

240°wide range tuning
Changing into heat control master

Increase adjustable range by 75%, with tuning at 5.2kW.
Star kitchen level accurate control, with all delicious dishes
that can be cooked in one stove.

Large size panel
Double pots used together
without being crowded

The space is wider without being crowded
with two persons in kitchen.

Widening the distance between
furnace cores
Cook freely as you like

The operation space becomes bigger.
Simultaneous cooking saves time.

Energy efficiency
Heat load
Fire Cover Material
Type of fire
Burner structure
Pan Support Material
Thermocouple flameout protection
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Product Size
Cut off size
Package size
First Class
tempered glass
double high fire